Free delivery on Brunei order above B$100

How to purchase online

These instructions are specifically to assist those who have never done any online purchase before. Our site and checkout method is no different from any other online store, so if you're already a "pro online shopper", you don't need this!
First of, our website accepts any cards (debit/credit) that bear the Visa and MasterCard logo. So take a look at the front surface of your cards and make sure you have any one of these logos:
If your cards have any one of those logos, then congratulations, you're good to go! Just follow the 9 steps below to complete your order.
Step 1:
Click on the product of your choice, edit the "Quantity" by typing your desired quantity in the "Quantity" box or simply click on the "-" or "+" sign to reduce or increase the number of item(s) you wish to purchase.
Step 2: